Finding Our Chi.

Finding Our Chi...

It all started two years ago when my husband and I decided to make some serious changes. After battling an Autoimmune illness for the last 10 years and then the passing of my amazing mother, my health seemed to hit rock bottom. I was spent physically, mentally and emotionally.  Something had to give and I was determined that it wasn't going to be me.

So we decided to take charge and make changes...big changes.  We bought a small farm on the Great Ocean Road and made the move from Sydney to leave the life of chaos behind and get back to basics. When we arrived here we hit the ground running since we had been operating in overdrive for so many years.  We quickly learned that wasn't necessary here, in fact our new surroundings begged us to slow down and take a breath.  A good, healthy, breath.

So this is where we are today. This blog is the all about our journey toward health, well being and how we integrate it into our lives, everyday.  We truly believe in "Chi", a living life force, an energy that flows in every one of us. Thank you for joining us.

Jo And Shane
My Cup of Chi


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