Don't have your own fresh organic tomatoes...then you can "Crowdsauce"

We are heading into Winter and our juicy, ripe tomatoes have done us proud.  From 20 precarious seedlings we have bucket loads of organic tomatoes and counting.  We planted a couple varieties again this year with the most prized being the San Marzano.

There is nothing like a fresh tomato passata made from organic ingredients. In fact my recipe is as simple as that...slow simmered tomatoes and a few pinches of Maldon salt. Bottled and preserved for later use. Perfecto!

These amazing little ruby or golden gems are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and provide a number of health benefits.  Of course as always try to buy organic, it really does make a difference to our bodies. 

Don't have your own organic tomatoes? How about joining CERES Fair Food in their efforts of"crowdsaucing"... They have nominated April 30 as "Crowdsaucing Day" and are encouraging people to organise public or private tomato bottling events on that day. The group has set up a website,, where people can register to take part and purchase tomatoes. All proceeds go to the Ceres environment park. If you love organic gardening Ceres is another great place to visit.



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