Cuppa Lemon Water

It was a common practice for my Baba to drink a cup of lemon water on waking and then hot water with every meal.  She lived until 97 years of age.  She knew how good it was for her which she passed on to my mother and my mother passed on to me.

Simply take a half of a lemon and squeeze it into a mug/glass of water.  I don't bother straining it, that's up to you. I drink hot water with lemon in the morning and the rest of the day I will tend to drink it at room temperature.  Whatever takes your fancy. I like a strong lemony flavour, however please adjust it according to your palate.  

There are many reasons to drink a warm cuppa lemon water.  It hydrates the body, kick starts digestion, helps flush the liver, improves immunity through the assimilation of Vitamin C and Potassium and is a good replacement for caffeinated beverages. 

So a cuppa lemon water is a daily part of my routine and I notice the difference it makes to my body when I don't make it a priority ... my Baba was a wise, wise soul.



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