Mountain Pepper : Tasmannia Lanceolata

Mountain pepper, also known as Tasmannia Lanceolata is a shrub native to south-eastern Australia. The shrub grows from 2 to 10m high and prefers the cool to temperate climates from Tasmania to Northern Victoria into the rainforests of Southern NSW.

Mountain pepper have a unique pepper flavour with a hot, zingy, warm sensation. Paired well with red meat, game, and other savoury dishes, they are also ideal with most fruits, particularly berries. A native superfood known for its anti-inflammatory properties may help symptoms of arthritis, asthma and other inflammatory illnesses due to the unique compound "polygodial", which is also thought to have several other beneficial properties including high levels of antioxidants, antifungal and antimicrobial activities.

Use the mountain pepper berries or the leaves in recipes instead of black/white/sichuan pepper or chilli and you will be creating a unique, zingy meal that has elemental medicinal healing properties.