Little Caterpillar Dreaming by Jo Eden Law

Little Caterpillar Dreaming

by Jo Eden Law on June 16th, 2016

Little Caterpillar Dreaming is about a journey
of self-discovery, finding your courage
and realizing your dreams.
All you have to do is…
Find your purpose and LIVE IT!

A parade of ants march home, a beehive hums
with activity and a little caterpillar is born.

It will take one life changing journey, a curious snail,
a secular dung beetle, a majestic grasshopper,
a boisterous ant, a buzzy bee, a wise ladybird and
an omniscient fairy moth to guide her to her destiny.

If the praying mantis doesn’t demolish her first.

Author: Jo Eden Law
Book Design: Jo Eden Law
Fiction : All Ages
Self Help / Mind, Body & Spirit
ISBN 978-0-9945292-0-6
ISBN 978-0-9945292-1-3

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