Leucospermum cordifolium [PIncushion protea]

Pure Beauty of the Protea.

In the early 1800's Leucospermum cordifolium [ PIncushion protea ] was used widely as a cough suppressant, respiratory healer and a gastric ulcer remedy.

Native to South Africa, Leucospermum is a genus of about 50 species of flowering plants in the family Proteaceae. Vivid, attractive and a little bit whimsy make this a perfect shrub for the garden. Bees have been known to use the resin to seal their hives and sugarbirds and bats feast on the stems of these ancient flowers.

With origins dating back over 30 million years these flowers have adapted, evolved and transformed into a variation of over 1600 plants.

Tenacious, courageous and outrageously beautiful. The protea.