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A Unique GREAT Ocean Road Guesthouse
CHI also ch'i, ki or qi, pronounced as chē. The vital life force or energy in a continuous balance of positive and negative forms to maintain optimal health. inherent in all things.

Chi Farm & Guesthouse are a purveyor of rustic, wholesome, Australian cuisine who believe in the healing nature of food and herbs. Located in Glenaire on The Great Ocean Road, between the Victorian cities of Apollo Bay and Port Campbell (Home of The Twelve Apostles). Chi Farm reflects the rustic and natural beauty of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to the hip sensibilities of a organic and botanical farm.

If you would like to stay in one of our Rustic Chic Guest Rooms please check out Air BnB where limited dates are available throughout the year. If you are planning a GOW walking adventure and would like to a have a wonderful experience please contact Aus Walk or RAW Travel for further information. We look forward to meeting you... on the Road


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