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Our Kitchen Garden

We have just finished building our greenhouse and preparing the garden beds surrounding it. We had a fair few herbs that were ready to transplant from pots but we also planted some direct from seed. I've compiled a short list of our favourite herbs that I think are a must to grow in any kitchen garden. Oh the beauty of nature and her medicinal cabinet... what an absolute gift.

  1. Aloe - Soothes sunburn, eczema, psoriasis and dry, itchy skin.
  2. Anise - Eases indigestion, bloating and belching. Also protects the stomach lining from the development of ulcers.
  3. Basil - Help digestion and improve appetite.
  4. Borage - Eases PMS symptoms, skin condtions such as atopic eczema and dermatitis.
  5. Coriander - Regulates gastric secretions and releases trapped wind. Has also shown to have antimicrobial and anti parasitic properties of the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Dill - Helps relieve indigestion and flatulence. Also inhibits the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria.
  7. Echinacea - Helps prevent colds, influenza and repiratory infections by activating the immune system and enhancing a number of disease fighting responses.
  8. Feverfew - Predominately used for the prevention of migraines. Also effective in treating fever, period pain, asthma and other inflammatory disorders.
  9. Lavender - Well known for sedative and calming effects. External use can soothe insect bites, minor skin infections and minor burns.
  10. Lemon Balm - Often used to treat nausea, gastric upset, bloating and flatulence.
  11. Oregano - Beneficial in the treatment of minor urinary, intestinal and lung infections.
  12. Peppermint - Has digestive and antispasmodic properties. Relieves sluggish digestion, bloating, flatulence and inadequate bile secretion.
  13. Rosemary - Improves concentration and memory.
  14. Sage - Helps decrease perspiration and menopausal symptoms, particularly hot flushes and night sweats.
  15. Marjoram - Helps digestive issues such as nausea, bloating, intestinal cramping, flatulence and diarrhoea.
  16. Thyme - Demonstrated to have antiseptic properties, used in gargles and mouthwashes to help soothe sore throats, gum disease and tonsillitis.

Use herbs wisely. Most herbs are harmless when used in moderation however some less known herbs may have side effects and interact with conventional medicines. If you are new to herbs or not familiar with the medicinal qualities of herbs then you should seek advice from a Registered Herbalist or Health Care Practitioner for further advice.


My Cup of Chi and the information shared within is for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your Health Care Practitioner prior to making changes to your individual health and wellness program. Copyright 2016 Chi Medicinal Farm/ My Cup of Chi.



Hyssop : Hyssopus Officinalis

A semi evergreen perennial that is a member of the mint family. Grows 60-90cm/2-3ft tall and is relatively behaved if you prune it back in Spring. This bushy shrub has woody stems, small, dark leafs and clusters of deep blue flowers that bloom from summer to late autumn. The aroma is clean, minty with a hint of turpentine which attracts bees in droves and repels the cabbage moth. Historically hyssop was used in sacred rituals, religious cleansing, in perfumery and commonly in culinary delights.

Infusions of hyssop are great for the treatment of cough, colds and upper respiratory infections. It will loosen phlegm, ease sore throats and soothe mucous membranes. Since hyssop is high in tannin, it is also an effective astringent. The tea or leaves can be added to a warm bath to provide soothing to the body that induces perspiration. The cooled tea may also be used as a splash on the face to relieve oily or acne prone skin.

Tea or Tisane

Tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. Full stop. There are six types of tea recognized by the global tea industry which include white, green, yellow, oolong and puerh. Tisanes (tĭ-zăn′, -zän′) a French term for "herbal infusion", is the decoction or infusion of fruit, flowers, plants, herbs or spices other than that of the camellia sinensis plant.




Angelica : Angelica Archangelica

Angelica : Angelica Archangelica : Angelica Officinalis

Angelica is a biennnial or short lived perennial herb growing 1-2.5 m tall with large leaves and flat heads of greenish white flowers in spherical umbels on a tall flower stalk. Native to Northern Europe and Asia. Prefers a cool climate with a mild summer. Roots are used medicinally to treat respiratory, digestive and rheumatic ailments. The leaf and seed are used in culinary preparations such as confectionery and liqueurs.

                                                                                          Angelica  : Angelica Archangelica : Angelica Officinalis

                                                                                          Angelica : Angelica Archangelica : Angelica Officinalis

Starting a Herb Garden

Herbs. At CHI, we plant them everywhere. They are beautiful, smell delicious (mostly) and attract an array of beneficial insects. There are certain nutrients and biochemicals from the botanical world that are able to relieve, heal, even cure our bodies and our minds. For centuries herbs have been used as medicine. Today, most pharmaceuticals have been extracted, synthesized or derived from plants.

It is useful to have a range on hand to make exotic blends for a variety of flavours, to treat specific ailments and to relieve or enhance moods. A good starting collection includes: milk thistle, dandelion, jasmine, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, bergamot, basil, rosemary, sage, elder, thyme, lemon verbena, borage, marigold, comfrey and rose hip.

There is nothing better than a cup of herbal tea straight from the vine.


                                                                                                                             Jasminum Polyanthum

                                                                                                                             Jasminum Polyanthum

Organic Sourdough Bap Rolls

Fresh Batch of Organic Sourdough Bap Rolls served with our Creamy Pumpkin Soup. Available this weekend @ Chi Kiosk, Chi Medicinal Farm, Glenaire.

                                                                                                             Organic Sourdough Bap Rolls @ Chi Kiosk

                                                                                                             Organic Sourdough Bap Rolls @ Chi Kiosk

The Best Pies in Glenaire (at least we think so)

Handmade authentic Australian meat and veggie pies. Available all winter, every weekend @ Chi Kiosk, The Great Ocean Road, Glenaire.


                                                                                                              The Best Pies in Glenaire @ Chi Kiosk

                                                                                                              The Best Pies in Glenaire @ Chi Kiosk